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Covid-19 Precautions

Updated 8/1/21

We are aware that the safety of our clients and staff is of the utmost importance, so we wanted to make sure that everyone knows the precautions we are taking to keep everyone as safe as we possibly can.

First and foremost, all of the Sound Emporium staff are fully vaccinated.

Although the Metro Nashville Health Department no longer has their mask mandate for all businesses, but because of the uptick in the positive cases due to the Delta variant (and because of the high numbers of the unvaccinated) we will be re-implementing a mask mandate for the studio for the time being. This is in accordance with the latest suggestion from the CDC for those of us in “red zones” of high Covid positivity (Tennessee is a red zone). This applies to EVERYONE whether you are vaccinated, or not. We will require a mask be worn in the studio unless you are singing or eating. We have masks available if anyone needs one. Please help us keep everyone safe and healthy. As the threat declines, we will go back to allowing those who are fully vaccinated to be mask-free in the studio. Stay tuned.

We will continue using metal mesh pop filters that are easier to sanitize after each use. We are using UV wands to disinfect the microphones, equipment and any other surfaces that cannot be wiped down with Clorox wipes or other disinfectants. In addition to all of that, we are continuing to use Merv13 AC filters, as recommended by the CDC for their superior filtering ability with this virus.

We are still no longer putting out fresh fruit and biscuits or cookies and chips/crackers. All snacks are individually packaged versions now. We have returned the water coolers to the kitchen and the rooms since we are following the CDC recommendations of wiping down frequently used surfaces often. They have relaxed some of the disinfecting protocols, so we decided to return the water coolers since plastic bottle waste in our landfills is such an issue and we try to be mindful of our environment. We still have bottled water for those that prefer it.

We will also continue wiping down all hard surfaces as they are used. In addition to all of the CDC protocols, we continue using a special air cleaner called a “Germ Guardian” for each control room and live room that uses UV light to filter the air and kill all airborne viruses as well as dust, allergens, etc. And at the end of each session, we are doing a very thorough sanitizing of the entire studio and all surfaces.

We are also asking clients to ask everyone that will be on the session if they have recently been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for Covid, that they provide us with a negative Covid test. If someone on your session has recently recovered from Covid, they are okay to resume their normal work after their quarantine period. We will just need the release from their Dr. or the Health Dept. for their area, who has released them to return to work.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us all continue to work safely.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


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