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Recording Vault's Studio Spotlight

The Sound Emporium is very honored to be included in the Recording Vault's Studio Spotlight. The Recording Vault is a product guide for educators featuring more than 140 products from 45 professional audio companies, an educational guide for students, teachers, and school officials, and two searchable databases. The first database seeks to honor the 168 legendary recording studio engineers who engineered at least six number-one hit songs and or three number-one hit albums (or both) during their careers from 1958-2003. Garth Fundis is among the legendary engineers that are being honored in the database. The second database recognizes the 1,090 recording studios which were the sites where either a number-one hit song or album was recorded from 1958-2003. It also recognizes the 64 recording studio facilities which are truly legendary -- facilities that were the site for at least six number-one hit songs or albums recorded over the course of a decade from 1958-2003. The Sound Emporium is being honored as one of the 64 truly legendary recording studio facilities in the history of popular music recording on the site.


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