Studio A
Studio A offers a spacious 32’ x 45’ recording space with 20’ ceilings and three separate isolation booths (including our famous drum room and our new "fiddle room" pictured below). Our live room features a B-3 Organ with an isolated Leslie cabinet, a Yamaha C-7 grand piano, a Wurlitzer, and a Rhodes keyboard. The control room measures 20’ ... Studio A Details »
Studio B
FEATURING: API LEGACY PLUS CONSOLE! Studio B features a 20’ x 22’ live recording space with 17’ cathedral ceilings. Renowned for its “live” drum sound, the tracking space also contains four discrete isolation booths, one of which houses a Yamaha C7 grand piano, Hammond C-3 organ with Leslie cabinet, and a Wurlitzer keyboard. Like Studio A, this studio also features ... Studio B Details »
Sound Emporium
At Sound Emporium, we offer a classic studio setting that is balanced with just enough of today's recording technology. Our "A," "B," and "Z" studios represent three completely unique acoustic environments. Whether you want clean and intimate recordings or loud, raucous sounds, Sound Emporium has something to offer. We take pride in the vibe and feel of our rooms and have a strong commitment to analog tape (A & B rooms). Stop in anytime and see for yourself.

Studio A
Studio B
Studio Z (NEW!)

Independent Recording Projects
For information on how to record your next project at the legendary Sound Emporium Studios Click Here. We now offer video production as an added perk to your recording time in our beautiful studios!  If you're interested in adding this to your studio time, let our staff know!  Click Here for more info.

Studio Z

The perfect overdub room (with 4 input channels for personal outboard gear) writing room, listening room, edit room, in-the-box mixing room, and over all sweet space in a legendary recording studio that fits any budget. The room has one 7X4 iso booth perfect for vocals and can... Studio Z details >>