April 26, 2016




Juanita Copeland

President / Chief Operating Officer / General Manager

Juanita has been in Nashville since 1990 and worked for Mercury Records, Almo Sounds Records, Pioneer Music Group, GMF Music, Prince Frog Music, in addition to her time as President / General Manager here at the Sound Emporium. A life-long lover of all music, she brings a passion to her work that is second to none. After hours, she also provides production assistant services to several well-known Nashville producers and engineers. She brings a very well-rounded plethora of experience to her position as President / General Manager and to quote Robert Plant, “Juanita is always cheery and makes you feel so welcome whenever you are at the Sound Emporium.”


Mike Stankiewicz

Independent Engineer/Consultant

Mike is Chief Engineer at Sound Emporium, and was promoted to this position after working his way up here at Sound Emporium working along side the rest of us! Mike spent the summer of 2011 in Nashville interning on Music Row. During that summer he was able to gain invaluable experience on sessions. After heading back to Boston to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production & Engineering at Berklee College of Music, Mike returned to Nashville and joined the team at Sound Emporium. He is very excited to be part of the staff and strives to help keep the studio one of Music City’s most legendary places to make great music.


Rachael Moore

Independent Engineer

After graduating from Full Sail with a Bachelors of Science in Audio Production, Rachael decided to relocate to Nashville in hopes of pursuing audio engineering among the best in the music capital of the world. She did just that by continuing to gain experience at various studios and working under world renowned producers and engineers. Rachael joined the Sound Emporium family in the Spring of 2015 and is excited and honored to be added to the ranks of such an historic Nashville treasure. Always up for a challenge and eager for new experiences, Rachael is excited for what will walk through the doors next at Sound Emporium!


Zaq Reynolds

Independent Engineer

After graduating from Berklee College of Music in May of 2013, with a degree in Music Production & Engineering, Zaq worked at Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles. After realizing the music he really wanted to surround himself with was in Nashville he moved across the country and started an internship on Music Row. Zaq couldn’t be happier to be a part of this fantastic team at the Sound Emporium.


Joe Trentacosti

Chief Engineer

After earning a degree in Recording Technology, Joe began his real education- serving as an intern and runner at various studios around Nashville. Along the way, he had the privilege of working under some of Nashville’s highly respected Engineers. Through these experiences he fell in love with the Nashville Standards- sessions that usually move at a quick pace, and offer the highest results imaginable. Joe strives to uphold these standards in all of his work, which makes him a great fit at the Sound Emporium.


Skyler Chuckry

Staff Engineer

Growing up outside of West Point in the state of New York, Skyler started her musical career playing clarinet in various types of competition bands and dissecting the liner notes of her favorite albums. She fell in love with the way music can connect total strangers and how easy it is to find meaning in others’ words and melodies. She decided she wanted to be a part of the making of those records for others to find inspiration in. After graduating from the University of New Haven in 2018, she moved to Music City to a creative community where she found a home. She has interned at multiple studios around the city and beyond that have inspired her and helped her grow, and she has found from her experiences that she’s always up for an adventure. Skyler is excited to start yet another adventure at Sound Emporium getting the chance to help others find their voices.


Louis Remenapp

Staff Engineer

After moving to Nashville in 2017, Louis spent time interning and assisting at various studios on Music Row. After joining the team at Sound Emporium in 2019 he quickly fell in love with the historically high standards and fun loving atmosphere for which the studio is known. He strives to uphold the legacy of all of the staff that have worked so hard to make Sound Emporium the best place in the world to make music.


David Paulin

Staff Engineer

After graduating college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Audio Production, David moved to Nashville having already spent two summers as an intern on Music Row. He then spent over a year assisting an established Engineer full time before landing at Sound Emporium. David is excited to be a part of one of the best studios in the world and looks forward to contributing to Sound Emporium’s already legendary history.


Lil’ Willie Brown

Studio Mascot

Willie is a rescue from Goodlettsville that resides with General Manager, Juanita Copeland, and brightens the day of all those he meets.